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Review – Soccer

“I have played soccer all my life. I grew up watching my three older sisters play and that was all I wanted to do. Especially after watching the women win the World Cup when I was four! Jumping up and down on the couch, I told my mother, “That’s what I want to do when I grow up! I want to play soccer in the Olympics.” What did I know, I was four. But the idea of playing soccer on a world stage motivated me each and every day to work harder, play harder, study harder, train harder, and be the absolute best that I could be. I played in AYSO for seven years both as a defender and as a goalkeeper. By the time I was ten I was begging my mom to sign me up for club soccer. I joined the Westside Breakers Soccer Club at 11 as a defensive center mid and backup goalie. By the time I was 15 I had been drafter to the position of primary keeper. I loved both positions but I was weighing my odds in the collegiate recruiting process and decided to concentrate on the role of goalkeeper. That is when my coach recommended what he thought was the premiere soccer recruiting website, Captain U. He had recommended Captain U throughout his years and years of getting his girls signed to college commitments.

Zaire Soccer Review
I had been sorting through the online options and had signed up with another service that offered an amazing visual presentation along with what seemed to be great services. I had also done a recruiting interview with another recruiting service that was charging what I considered a lot of money but was willing to test it out since I absolutely wanted to play in college. I told my coach about the other options…but because coach insisted, I signed up with Captain U. And I am so glad and thankful that I listened to him.

I found Captain U to be just what I needed to guide me through the recruiting process on a level that seemed sensible to ME! Everything I needed to: explore schools, compare programs, contact coaches, communicate back and forth on tournament exposure, notifications on communications from coaches who were already familiar with Captain U, video postings… it was all there. It was a tool, a warehouse, a communications portal. Daily! Without being overwhelming or over-priced. I did not have to spend time tracking down the info. The email notifications were so valuable without being a nuisance. I was determined to play but my primary concern was to excel academically as well. Traveling in tournaments all the time was tremendously time consuming. I did not want to be in a position of wasting valuable study time on the recruiting process. I did not want to ignore recruiting tools and options. Captain U made it possible for me to do both.

In the end, I accepted to attend [a university in California] without playing soccer for them because it was my first choice academically; reluctantly passing on a large number of recruiting offers that came from the Captain U process. I highly recommend Captain U to everyone of my friends. My road may not be your road, but Captain U will help you navigate to find the right road.

Thank You!”

Zaire O. – athlete review

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