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Bulk Emails with CaptainU


A couple weeks ago, we introduced the concept of “Workflows” on the new CaptainU College. The idea is that there are a few tasks college coaches have to do over and over. By making those tasks faster, we can save college coaches loads of time.

This week, we’re excited to introduce a powerful bulk email Workflow.

College coaches send a lot of bulk emails. In most recruiting software, it takes a ton of clicks to set up a bulk mailer: first you have to find the people you want to send it to, then you have to make a list, then you have to click a bunch of buttons and links to set it up.

CaptainU College makes sending bulk emails more efficient than ever: simply press the group you want to send it to — say 2015, 5 star recruits — and the message field will appear ready for you to write your email.

It’s another workflow that will save CaptainU College members lots of time.

Create free CaptainU profile today to get your college athletic search underway!

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