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Review – Softball

I was initially lost when it came to recruiting for my daughter, Lexi , in her search for a college to continue her softball career, and had pretty much no clue as to where to start and what to do. I talked to some friends and one of them mentioned another recruiting agency, which I tried for awhile with not much success. Another friend told me about Captain U, so I looked into it and wow, what a difference. We immediately began getting coaches views, viewing her profile, video’s etc. I loved how easy it was to set up her profile and upload video, pics etc. I think the main thing that I found to be of a big help was how every step was laid out and you could follow your progress daily. I liked being able to identify colleges we were interested in and then follow all the steps to get the maximum benefit. The steps were well laid out and the templates helped as well. Within a month we were getting emails and coaches asking for schedules so they could come see her play. Again, the “what next” list was very beneficial to keep track of whom we had contacted and which coaches had responded. Then good information on what to do next. We eventually got it narrowed down to 3 schools and now have received scholarship offers from all 3 and only thing left to do is make our decision. Thanks to Captain U this process became WAY easier than when we started, so thanks to you and I will definitely recommend to anyone I know going thru same process. In addition, the free profile is nice, but WELL worth it to upgrade to Varsity or higher so you can see whats going on and so much more. Thanks much. – Vince H.

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