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Review – Soccer

Veronica soccer review“Thanks so much! My CaptainU experience was excellent! The one and only reason why I closed my account was because I am verbally committed to play at a college now, so I no longer need the account.

I got my interest in a lot of schools through my CaptainU profile. It gave such great links to colleges but gave a great summary of them with details and facts that every student would be interested in. It is awesome how I could put pictures on there and I wish I had, but even videos so coaches can see people play. It’s also neat how it gives colleges a clear history and background of each player. I always referred the colleges I was interested in to my account if they had not already checked it out. The updates and upcoming events I could list were nice and easy to do as well as letting any coach know where and when I would be playing. The “references” or input from friends, teammates, and coaches, was a fantastic way to truly show the viewpoints of different people for one athlete. It certainly helped me find the college that I am going to be playing for next year. “

Veronica R. – athlete review

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