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Review – Soccer

My daughter was required to register with CaptainU when participating in a soccer tournament in Oklahoma. Our team manager stated that all players needed to create a player profile. We were told the coaches were using CaptainU as part of their recruiting process for this tournament.

I contacted CaptainU asking for more detail about the upgrade process. My concern was the monthly cost and the cancellation policy. I was reassured that I could cancel at a moment’s notice and that it would take effect immediately. I decided to upgrade my daughter’s account. The only regret I have is not doing this much sooner.

Now we were able to access the information that we wanted to know. We could follow each coaches steps when viewing my daughter’s profile. Indirectly this boosted my daughter’s confidence during this stressful recruitment process. She started communicating with Coaches directly in email via CaptainU. We could click a button to access the college website and another for the soccer team website. CaptainU was easy to use and to navigate. The communication with the coaches went far beyond the coaches that attended the tournament. Using CaptainU increased her visibility to coaches everywhere. It was amazing!

My daughter has committed to playing soccer in college and we no longer have the MVP profile. Canceling was easy, just as I was told. I believe that upgrading my account and using CaptainU was one of the best decisions we made in helping her in the recruiting process.

-Laurie (athlete parent)

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