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Training your mind and body to improve your skills

By Agostina Casamento Moran

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Let’s be honest with ourselves. Despite the deep desire of becoming a professional athlete or winning that championship that we grew up watching on TV, the pathway to achieve those dreams is always harder than we ever thought.

Once we understand that there will be tons of obstacles on our way, we must face the daily challenge of becoming better, faster, stronger and smarter.

It is a hard process but, when questioning yourselves, you should always go back to the bases and remember what motivated you to start with. You made it all the way through. Now, only YOU can discover how far you can get. You should embrace it and make it FUN!!
I know that training through the skills of your particular sport and competing are, generally, the easiest things to do. You enjoy them all the way through. You are just playing!! However, to become the best athlete you can be, your training should be comprehensive. It should target your skills, your mind, and your body at the same time.

Let’s start with focusing on training your body.

Strength and conditioning training is a crucial but slow process. As an athlete, you depend on the development of health related component (muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition) as well as skill related component (Speed, power, balance, agility, coordination, and reaction time) to exploit your capabilities.

Although sometimes considered tedious and boring, you can always make it easier, faster, and entertaining by understanding the changes that your body undergoes with training.

Through the following posts, I will show you that strength and conditioning training is an extremely important aspect of your overall training. I will go through the different aspects of it, and I will explain the reasons behind all the hours of training that you put in weekly.

Remember, training smarter will take you further than training harder!

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