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This Texas speed machine will leave you in the dust

This week’s Texas Football Athlete of the Week presented by CaptainU might as well be named Speedy Gonzales!

But his real name is Christian (CJ) Eddison, stellar Running Back from Odessa High School.

In a single game, displayed in his highlight reel, CJ racked up 293 yards and 5 touchdowns as he burst through every hole in the competitions Defensive Line, leaving them stunned in his trail of dust.

CJ hopes to take his stardom from the high school playing field to the next level in college, while working his hardest with CaptainU to get there.

Congratulations CJ. This is a well-deserved award and we couldn’t be more proud to give it to you!! Keep up the amazing playing.

Enter our contest to become next week’s Athlete of the Week here. All current players are eligible.

Visit Texas Football to learn more about CJ, CaptainU & Texas Football’s partnership, and read about other athlete’s of the week.

If you’re interested in creating a CaptainU profile to help you reach your full athletic potential, visit CaptainU today to get started.

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