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The keys to successful sports mentality: Scott Kaufman, NYU Professor of Psychology

As an athlete, you’ve probably thought a lot about what role your mind and mentalities play in sports. We’ve all been told by coaches, parents and mentors that we need to be “mentally tough” and “have the right mindset”. But for some of us, maybe even a lot of us, no one has really articulated how to be and have those things.

Hence why our newest guest of CaptainU Radio is Scott Kaufman, Psychology professor at New York University (NYU).

In this episode, we talk with Scott about common problems athlete’s face in a lot of different areas of mentality, what “greatness” means, and all about what things to tell yourself when you’re competing in your sport.

Listen to the podcast above to learn about:

  • How to be passionate and use your passion as fuel
  • The best way to approach developing your athletic skills
  • Self motivation
  • Competence and confidence
  • Deliberate practice and focus
  • How to quiet that negative, nagging voice in the back of your mind

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