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Texas Football & CaptainU Athlete of the Week: Marc Ishmael

“Good, Better, Best. Take your good, and make it better. Take your better, and work to make it the best.”

This quote represents this week’s Texas Football Athlete of the Week presented by CaptainU, Marc Ishmael.

Marc is a fierce Defensive End for Plano East High School in Plano, Texas. As a sophomore, he’s had 8 sacs and 8 solo tackles with an impressive 11 tackles for losses and 15 assisted tackles. Marc has been playing football since he was 8 years old, and his dream is to play college football and hopefully one day, play in the NFL.

What’s most impressive about this Athlete of the Week, though, is his dedication off the field. “I work very hard to take advantage of my education. I’m enrolled in all Honors or AP classes, and do my best to maintain high grades. I also volunteer much of my time either through Boy Scouts of America or various local churches. I want to attend a college where I can not only contribute to the football team, but also push myself in the classroom, and set myself up for life after football.” (source: NCSA)

Congratulations Marc! As a sophomore, your dedication to football, your academic career, and efforts with CaptainU are extremely admirable. Keep it up!

Enter our contest to become next week’s Athlete of the Week here! All current players are eligible.

Visit Texas Football to learn more about Marc, CaptainU & Texas Football’s partnership, and read about other athlete’s of the week.

If you’re interested in creating a CaptainU profile to help you reach your full athletic potential, visit today to get started.

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