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Our family was new to the entire Collegiate recruitment scene. Our daughter was a high performing student in academics and athletics. She was a participant on two Top Level “Gold Type” travel programs for softball and volleyball.

Little did we fully understand that although there are hundreds of college athletic programs across Division I, II, and III; these programs cannot possibly actively go out and search for talent everywhere.

Captain U was suggested to us by our travel softball program president: Mr. Ed Serdar. We signed up and started to build a profile for our daughter. We had a great time uploading data, photos and video. The bonus with Captain U is the ability to locate coaches and send emails direct to them. If a coach “reads” your message or “views” your profile, Captain U notified you via email. We found it was exciting and rewarding to locate, track and contact coaches via Captain U.

Today because of our effort through Captain U and of course out daughters hard work in academics; she is now attending [a university in South Carolina] and is a member if their Softball Team.

Thanks a ton to Captain U! The small investment is far more worth the investment than NOT using this recruiting portal!

Good luck and happy college hunting.”