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Review – Soccer

“Over the past few years, both of my daughters have used Captain U for choosing a college to attend. As a result, both Hayley and Rachel have both been recruited by Division I, Pac-12 colleges. We found Captain U very helpful in their recruiting process for playing women’s soccer.

As the girls were seeking colleges, they were both encouraged by seeing the coaches that were viewing their profiles. Captain U made it easy to contact coaches and colleges to let them know when and where they would be playing. After each tournament they played, they were able to go on-line and see which colleges were interested in them. They were able to make contact with some of these coaches and it broadened their interest and search for a school.

This past year, Rachel was recruited by [a university in California] and has now made a verbal commitment for 2014. [The university] was not a school that Rachel had previously considered. She had been looking at schools in Oregon and Arizona. She was playing as goalkeeper for Oregon ’96 at the ODP Region IV regional championships when a [the university] coach noticed her playing. After he saw her play, they let her know of their interest through Captain U. Rachel contacted the coaches, made a visit to the school and fell in love with the campus and soccer program. There were more profile views from several colleges that were interested which helped her confidence. With the help of Captain U, Rachel has now made a verbal commitment to a college that she never thought she would even be considered for as their keeper.

My older daughter, Hayley is now playing soccer in her sophomore year for the [a university in Arizona]. Hayley also had several schools looking at her profile through Captain U which was also very helpful in her search. Captain U would alert her when a coach viewed her profile. This widened her considerations for a school. Since coaches are not allowed to contact players, Captain U is a great avenue to let the players know that coaches/schools are interested when they look at their profile and makes it easy for the the player to contact the coach/school with contact information . This really gave the girls more confidence in calling a coach when they knew the coach was actually interested in them. Captain U has been a great resource for their recruiting process.

Tami E. – parent review

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