Women’s College Volleyball, By The Numbers


The women’s college volleyball recruiting process can be confusing. And, given the disparity in size between the number of women’s and men’s college volleyball programs, that confusion can be magnified. So, to make sure [Read More]

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Collegiate Athletic Scholarships


Many athletes and parents mistakenly believe that if you can’t get an athletic scholarship, you can’t play in college. The reality is that most college athletes do not have athletic scholarships. The demand is way too high, and the [Read More]

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How to Start Your College Search



Researching colleges is a time-consuming, but worthwhile process. Talk to search online, talk to counselors, flip through college profile books, and so on. The more you learn about an assortment of [Read More]

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3 Crucial Steps to Getting Recruited


Playing sports in college is a wonderful experience. It will enrich your time and leave you with life-long friends and memories. CaptainU strives to simplify the recruiting process and help you maximize your chances of winning a [Read More]

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Want to know which colleges fit? Go to the people you know.


The people around you—coaches, parents, and friends—know what matters to you. Ask them what they think you would like in a college. They might picture you at a different size college or in a different [Read More]

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