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Sports Expert Q+A: Fuel for your exercise


Jamie Meeks, Sports Nutritionist at LSU
Healthy Tiger Blog

When it comes to fueling during exercise, there really isn’t a single BEST food or beverage that ranks above all else. Athletes should always experiment with various products during training/preseason to determine what works best with their bodies and what gives them the most energy. What works for one athlete does not guarantee it will work for another. Athletes should focus on products that contain quick and easily digestible sugars, those that are low in fat and fiber, and those that promote proper hydration. 

Mid-workout fuel is especially important for activities lasting over 1 hour and/or those that take place in hot or humid conditions. Common mid-workout fuel may include: energy chews/gels (i.e. Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews); squeezable fruit pouches (i.e. PowerBar Performance Energy Blends); sports bars that are not too heavy and settle well with the athlete (i.e. Honey Stinger Waffles, Nutri-grain bars); foods naturally high in quick sugars (i.e. bananas, orange slices, grapes, dried fruit); and last but certainly not least: some form of fluid and electrolyte replacement (water, electrolyte enhanced sports drink, coconut water, etc.).

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