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Sports Expert Q&A: How to Create a Killer Post-Game Meal

Every day, CaptainU is working with experts in all areas of cutting edge sports. Each week, we’ll be hosting a Q&A between multiple experts in one genre who have answered a pressing question from athletes.

This week, we talked with Peter DiPrete, UNLV Dietetic Intern and Damon McCune, MS, RDN, LD
Graduate Assistant / Coordinator at UNLV Nutrition Center as well as Lindsey Remmers, @RemmersRD, Director of Sport Nutrition, University of Nebraska.


How to Create a Killer Post-Game Meal: Peter DiPrete & Damon McCune

Done working out? Not Yet! Consider your post-exercise nutrition meal the final step for any rigorous activity. After your soccer game or weight lifting session your body needs to replace the energy expended so it can be ready for the next bout of exercise. This meal should include a ratio of carbohydrates to protein (4:1) as this replenishes glycogen stores and increases protein synthesis better then protein or carbohydrate alone. The best time to consume your post-exercise snack is within one hour of the activity as your body is readily absorbing nutrients. A prime example would be low-fat chocolate milk since it has both protein and carbohydrate and in the proper ratios. Include this in your workout regime to perform at your best!

How to Create a Killer Post-Game Meal: Lindsey Remmers

After a game you need to replenish your hard working muscles with both carbohydrate and protein. Liquids are typically the easiest option if it is a stop and go sport and you don’t feel hungry right away (i.e. basketball, soccer, hockey, running, swimming, etc). Other sports who are lower in intensity can benefit from a snack or meal 30-minutes after the game (golf, gymnastics, baseball, softball, etc)

Good choices are:

· Chocolate skim milk
· Nesquik chocolate milk
· Boost high protein shakes
· Ensure shakes
· Carnation instant breakfast ready-to-drink
· Flavored Soymilk (for those who are lactose intolerant)
· Greek yogurt & granola bar
· Sandwich
· Bowl of cereal
· Horizon organic chocolate milk cartons (shelf stable and don’t require refrigeration)
· Oatmeal made with milk
· Banana and peanut butter along with glass of milk/soymilk


UNLV Nutrition Sciences offers a well-rounded learning experience to all of it’s students as well as playing a major role in the community with programs such as the UNLV Nutrition Center. UNLV Nutrition Sciences is an accredited didactic program in nutrition and dietetics with a dietetic internship that hosts eleven intern positions with a clinical focus twice a year. The UNLV Nutrition Center currently provides free nutrition education to all members of the community as well as working closely with UNLV Athletics to ensure that student athletes are performing at their best. 

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