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CaptainU Review – Lacrosse


Simply put, CaptainU works! It doesn’t just give a prospective recruit a way to write coaches, it provides a way to keep those writings organized, and attaches a full profile of both your academic and athletic accomplishments. That in itself could be considered enough, however, CaptainU goes even further with a feature allowing the student/athlete to see when a coach opens an e-mail, or views your profile. Extremely empowering to say the least.

My recruitment process, and ultimate success is directly linked to making full use of what CaptainU has to offer, however in my opinion, no recruitment tool will work without hard work in the classroom, as well as on the field. So, stay mindful of your character, keep in shape, maintain your GPA, score well on your SAT, and use CaptainU. I assure you, everything will fall into place.

Thank you!

Jared Feuer

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