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Review – Soccer

“Captain U was a very useful tool to help our family evaluate the education and athletic options for my daughter who is now a Freshman in college. She decided in her Junior year that she was going to play soccer beyond high school and club. Knowing this, I tried helping her narrow down the search by spending hours and hours on the internet; the task was, to say the least, overwhelming. Abigail soccer reviewThat is when I found Captain U.

In just a short time, Captain U very effectively and efficiently helped us narrow down the college choices based on what she wanted in a school. Now we had a manageable pool of potential options. Captain U helped navigate us through the recruitment process (which we nothing about) and put us in touch with college coaches. My daughter does not fit the mold for the prototypical college soccer player in physical size so this direct contact with the coaches turned out to be crucial in her being awarded an athletic scholarship. Throughout her senior year in high school, several coaches were able to view her in action through the Captain U connections. Without this connection and the very user friendly guidance of Captain U, we could not have made an informed decision on her future. I highly recommend this product to any student athlete who has the desire to continue to play their sport in college. ANY athlete, not just the supper athletes that are in line for full ride scholarships. There is a fit for everyone who has the desire to continue, Captain U can help you find that fit.

Rob G. – parent review


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