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When is the right time to reach out to coaches?

Note: I’ll be running a weekly webinar every Thursday where you can ask further questions or suggest topics for future blog posts, so register for that here.

ericHi everyone! My name is Eric and I’m the Director of Customer Support here at CaptainU. I’ll be writing a weekly blog post talking about how you can get the most out of your CaptainU account.

This week, I’d like to address the issue of sending messages to college coaches. When I speak to athletes, they’re often unsure on when the right time to reach out to coaches is. I hear things like, “Should I wait until I’m on a better club team?” or “Should I wait until I re-take the ACT?” — in short, the answer is no! Wherever you are in your process, the time to send a message is now!

We’ve found that the athletes who are most successful using CaptainU’s tools are the athletes who are proactive in reaching out to coaches and are focused on building relationships with coaches. The thing about relationships- they’re not going to build themselves, you need to get the ball rolling!

Here’s a few tips for sending successful messages to coaches:

    • Always include the contact info of a coach or counselor. There are NCAA regulations regarding when a coach can speak with your directly, so it’s important to include info on a trusted adult they can reach out to if they’d like more information about you.
    • Don’t wait for your newest test result, tournament win, or video. Those will all be great excuses to send a follow up message to the coach! Introduce yourself first, then follow up when you have new news to share!
    • Don’t be afraid to email more than once. Just like the rest of us, coaches are often busy and might miss a message. If you don’t hear back in a few weeks, send another note asking if they’d received your first note.
    • Check your spelling & grammar! Once you’ve clicked send, there’s really no way to recall a message sent from your CaptainU account or from your personal email address. Be sure to check your work twice, this is your future, not a note to a friend!
    • Ask questions about the program and the university. It’s important to get a feel for the culture of a sports program and the university in reaching out to colleges. Of course you want to know if there are available scholarships or if your position is open, but it’s most important to find a program where you’ll fit in first. If you and the coach come to the conclusion that you’re a great fit for the program, the rest will come easily.

Those are some starter tips for you! Be sure to register for the weekly webinar every Thursday where you can ask further questions or suggest topics for future blog posts, so register for that here.

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