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Recruitment 101 for parents


Landing a spot on a college sports team seems like a daunting task for both parents and athletes. But the challenges and obstacles of trying to take their game to the next level shouldn’t divert athletes or their parents from pursuing their dreams.

To alleviate the questions and concerns that come up during the process, we have some commonly asked questions and guidelines for athletes and their parents to follow as they talk to college coaches, determine whether a school is right for them and their athlete and more.

Academics First

The first and most important thing to remember is that your athlete’s education and college degree should be first priority. Don’t sacrifice the degree your athlete wants to study if the school that’s recruiting them most heavily doesn’t have it. Academics first, athletics second. UCLA basketball coach John Wooden said it best, “The college education will be the important part, because it can be of great service throughout life. He or she will be an athlete for only a comparatively short time.”

Be Proactive

Another important thing for parents and athletes to know is that a lot of high school sports coaches don’t coach on a full-time salary, but rather as a volunteer or for only a small monetary benefit, and therefore they don’t have a lot of time to fully help the athlete as they search for colleges. It’s up to the parent and the athlete to do the leg work of researching programs, contacting coaches, visiting schools and looping in the coach for references, suggestions or small pieces of help like that.

Know the Rules

Educate yourselves and your athletes on the NCAA rules for college student athletes from The NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete. Talk it over with your athlete’s coaches (high school and/or club) as well as with their school’s guidance counselor. It can’t hurt to know that guide inside and out, so there are no mistakes or NCAA eligibility issues during the the process.

CaptainU provides software for your student-athletes to use as they pursue taking their game to the next level. Athletes can use our platform to connect with college coaches, access important resources, tips and guidelines, and search for schools, events, tournaments and clinics all aimed at helping them become the most successful student athlete they can be. Get them started with a free CaptainU profile today!

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