Recently Added College Features

Take a look at a few recently added features and how they can elevate how you recruit.


Redesigned Athlete Profile









Find the information you need easier. Snapshot gives you an overview of the athlete with their graduation year, position, highlight videos, and intended majors. Dig further into each section to learn more about: Academics, Athletics, Videos & Photos, Events, Evaluations & Contact Info.

If the athlete matches your criteria, add them to a group and send them a message. If the athlete isn’t the right fit, click not interested to take them out of your view and move to the next one.


Mobile Optimizations

So much of recruiting is done away from a computer, so we want to ensure there you have a seamless transition in using CaptainU on a computer to a phone or tablet. Using your mobile device or tablet, navigate via your browser to


Our new mobile experience simplifies modern recruiting. Easily run searches, send messages, view videos, discover events and promote your team.






Advanced Search Filters

Finding and connecting with the right athletes is the basis of winning games. With that in mind, CaptainU has updated our advanced search tools to assist you in discovering student-athletes that will be successful in the classroom and on the field.

How did we do it? Simple, we added search by major, updated SAT/ACT, improved our search by video and made discovering athletes by height and weight even better.


Use the SAT & ACT filters to narrow down students who meet your academic requirements  or are eligible for scholarships.





Search by majors that are most popular at your school, and send those athletes a message with more information on what your school has to offer.