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Pump it LOUDER! #CaptainUPreGameMix

Song #22 on our pre-game mix is “Pump It” by The Black Eyed Peas. “Turn up your radio, blast your stereo” for this song before your next race, which Hunter says will carry you through to the finish line.

“The sheer speed and tempo of the song gets my body moving. It gradually picks up speed throughout the song, pumping me up right until the moment I take off my headphones and line up for my race. It’s hard to run slowly when your mind is moving at 160bpm.”

So far, the playlist is:

1. Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine
2. Quiet Dog by Mos Def
3. Kick Him When He’s Down by The Offspring
4. C’Mon by Tiësto vs Diplo
5. Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix
6. Shake it Out by Florence + the Machine
7. Keep Yourself Alive by Queen
8. The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
9. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
10. All my Life by Foo Fighters
11. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
12. Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine
13. Into the Mystic by Van Morrison
14. Waterfront by Simple Minds
15. Minor Threat by Minor Threat
16. Sabotage by the Beastie Boys
17. A Modern Way of Letting Go by Idlewild
18. The National Anthem by Radiohead
19. Self Esteem by The Offspring
20. Lose Yourself by Eminem
21. My Body by Young the Giant

Follow our playlist on Spotify and all playlist updates with #CaptainUPreGameMix.

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