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Review – Soccer


Thank you for the opportunity to let others know what CaptainU has done for us.

When I signed up my son for this service, we initially opted for the free profile. It wasn’t long and we started getting emails from CaptainU saying a coach found him in a search or a coach viewed his profile. This peaked my interest, so I upgraded to the Varsity account. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of information I was able to view with regards as to who was looking at his profile. One of the best features is the fact that my son could log on to CaptainU and have virtually all the information he needed to contact any school he was interested in, not just the ones contacting him. All the coaches emails are readily accessible as well as school information and locations, with links to school websites. We had a wonderful experience with all coaches that contacted us and all coaches we contacted.

The profile tool is a perfect step by step soccer resume that helps you make sure you follow up with those that contact you and lets you know what the next step in the recruiting process is. For parents like myself that have no experience in the whole process, it made is seem easy. Both of us would like to say thank you to CaptainU and good luck to all others using the service. I firmly believe the profile and step by step instructions on how and what to say to coaches across the country helped my son to secure his Athletic Scholarship for soccer. What a wonderful thing to get paid to play the sport you love.


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