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“Playerbook made it more efficient.”

CaptainU Playerbook makes it easier than ever to manage the information overload at a recruiting event. Access every athlete’s complete profile, take notes, import them directly into your recruiting software, and skip out on all the manual data entry.

It’s time to burn that thick, heavy paper player book you were using and carry around your iPad with Playerbook app instead!

Coach Brown was one of the first to use Playerbook and his experiences with the app will convince you to toss the ol’ inconvenient pen & paper player book.

How did you used to manage your recruiting at events?

Before Playerbook, everything I did at recruiting events was thoroughly paper driven. We had been using CaptainU as a database prior to Playerbook’s release, and I would reach out to specific players I found within CaptainU that were going to be at an event. Based off their responses and how many times they had looked at my emails, I would generate a manual list of who I wanted to see that weekend. It was really a paper and hand process that we were working through, and it definitely made it easier to work off of an iPad mini instead of pen and paper.

Also, the nice thing about the notes functionality in Playerbook is that if I take notes on a player, it all gets dropped into the same spot, but if I use pen & paper after I’ve seen them at different times, those notes could end up in a different spot if I don’t use the exact same piece of paper each time. I tend to be brief in my details and note taking, so I take more general notes to go back and reflect on, which is easier to do in the Playerbook app as opposed to paper.

What do you like most about Playerbook?

The features I like most about Playerbook are the note taking capabilities, star rating and tagging tools. For me personally, I use the star feature as a way to tag. For example, a 5 star is a player that we are interested and has interest in us. A 4 star player is known for something else, etc. This way, it’s very clear across our office who is ranked in what way and who to go after. Tagging for us is for positional perspective and filtration. We like to tag by graduation year, age, event attendance, etc.

Do you feel like it saved you time, and if so how much?

Playerbook made it more efficient for me in that it was a lot easier to hold onto my iPad mini as opposed to holding paper and pen. It was easy to pop open, hold in my hand, quickly take notes, and move on.

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