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Perspective on Competition

By Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, co-founders of VISION54.

Competition is all around us and competition is required for pursuing excellence. Competition creates the necessary environment for growth and evolution. We have coached and observed lots of competitive players at individual events, team events, US based events as well as in Europe.

From a VISION54 perspective we often come back to the three levels of competition:

The individual level – what do you need to act on to bring out your best? Even in a team event, each player needs to pay attention to the MY54 (what you do when you play great). This level is referred to as the ego-centric perspective.

The team/group level – how can you help the team and the team help you? If you all have a common intention or decide on a value on your team, you can make it much more powerful, 1+1 = more than 2. Even in individual golf events, each player can create a team, to maximize this effect. For some it might be as simple as making your home club, or in the case of the Solheim Cup, your home country proud. This level is referred to as the ethno-centric perspective.

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The global level – how can my actions as a golfer help grow the game and make sports more valuable? Whether we like it or not, none of us have a choice but being a role model for how the game and sports in general is perceived. Our actions either contribute to evolving the game in a positive and productive direction or they don’t. Be clear on your intention of golf/sports beyond yourself. What greater purpose does it serve? This level is referred to as the global-centric perspective. When we read posts on social media and articles regarding growing the game we are disappointed at how many get stuck at only one level of competition. For the game to grow and for this great game of ours to evolve lets be sure to filter our ideas and concepts and most of all ACTIONS through all three perspectives.

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