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Review – Baseball

I enrolled my son in CaptainU to increase his exposure to colleges looking for a player like him. It really increased our awareness of how many schools are relatively close to us that we may never have considered otherwise. The ability to get a direct connection to real coaches was awesome; my son’s correspondence to them actually yielded responses that were beyond form letters. You really can’t beat getting looks from coaches, and having them all in one place was much better than trying to connect separately to each and every school. It was also great to be able to look at school details at a glance, to help us rule out those that weren’t what he was looking for and narrow his focus to the ones more up his alley. The option to add updates remotely via phone were also cool, and it’s a great tool for storing the game videos that coaches always want to see. I’ve recommended CaptainU to every parent of a high school athlete that I come across. – Nanci

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