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Review – Soccer

“My daughter has played club soccer for 10 years. She has talent (don’t we all think that about our own children), she is a good student, she wants to stay within a 3-hour radius from home and she wants to continue playing soccer in college. Following a “how-to get recruited” guide from her club we started the recruiting process at the beginning of her junior year. We started with creating a spreadsheet and picking out schools within that 200-mile radius. We researched the coaches, the schools, and how good the soccer program at that school was. We created a soccer resume for her and started emailing coaches directly. We kept each step noted in the spreadsheet, kept each email organized in different folders. It was becoming an overwhelming process.

Samantha Soccer ReviewMy wife and I both work full-time and I was spending about 1-2 hours each night organizing and sending emails. It was such an overwhelming process not even my daughter was able to devote much time to help – I found myself doing the recruiting process mostly on my own, not what I had envisioned.

I started to look for help. I looked at several recruiting sites, read reviews and finally decided on CaptainU. My daughter and I setup her profile, added pictures, her video, quotes from coaches and stats. She was able to add info on her tournaments in a blog format to keep coaches in the loop. From there we were easily able to add all the schools that had shown interest. Once we established those items, my daughter was able to easilty email coaches right through CaptainU. Plus CaptainU would notify her if a coach looked at her profile, if a coach had opened and read her email, and notify her when a coach responded. Just the overall organization CaptainU provided it took all of the tedious work out of my hands and put all the information into a logical, user-friendly format. Best part is it allowed my daughter to be more involved in the process. The site saved countless hours and helped ease the stress of the highly competitive recruiting process. I would highly recommend CaptainU to any parent of a child wanting to continue their sport career at the college level.”

Mike B. – parent review

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