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Review – Soccer

“I first heard of CaptainU from my daughter’s club coach. We attended a College Prep session at her soccer club where we received an overview of the college athletic recruiting process. Candidly, I found it overwhelming.

CaptainU was mentioned as a good source for information about different schools and their soccer programs. We decided to give it a try and created a player profile. We then started researching different schools on their site. We loved the fact we could email college coaches directly from CaptainU and keep track of our email communication with them. That really help keep us organized.
Haley soccer review
It didn’t take long until we started receiving notices that a college coach had reviewed my daughter’s player profile. To see who, however, we had to upgrade our membership. I was reluctant but decided to give it a try. One of the best decisions ever! We could see who was reviewing her profile and could somewhat gage their interest by how many times they reviewed it.

I found CaptainU to be a very useful resource. It helped use better understand the process, helped us find schools that fit my daughter’s collegiate interest and helped keep us organized throughout the process. I am happy to report that I am no longer a paying client of CaptainU. Not because I wasn’t satisfied with their service but because my daughter accepted a generous athletic scholarship from a fantastic Division I school. Could we have done it without CaptainU? Probably, but I would do it all over again!”

Mike T. – parent review

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