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Review – Soccer

“My daughter Jordan had a huge interest in playing college soccer. She wanted to try out for colleges but did not know how.  At the time it was summer after JR year of high school. (just recovered from ACL surgery)and she was not playing comp soccer anymore at a high-level. Her team disbanded. We were very worried because we heard many times that it was too late for 2013 recruiting and most schools were done and already recruiting for 2014.  We were not going to give up.

Jordan soccer reviewWe heard about many recruiting sites, but others (that I will not mention) had high costs associated with them. When I heard about I was very interested and registered her on the website. Jordan took over from there. She added photos, video, and her bio and she was off and running with it. We were very pleased with the results of this website!!! There was constant feedback from coaches and invites to ID camps. She loved hearing from the coaches constantly. They gave her things to work on, tons of compliments and of course requests to come watch her play!  She stayed in shape by playing high school ball and attending college ID camps on the weekends, which was the way Jordan got recruited and received scholarships to play soccer for a NCAA Div II college, at [a college in Florida]. The college is amazing and she loves it. The team is a lot of fun and a lot of hard work!  But more gratifying than she ever imagined. The coach is amazing and has set records for her own goals scored in college!!! This was a perfect fit for Jordan!!!!  We go to watch her play in college and its an amazing experience. She is playing and doing fantastic!!!

The fees associated with Captainu site are very cost effective. You have to keep up the communication with the coaches but the site organizes all of that for you!  You see how many coaches viewed you and who wants to come see you play. By saving money and using we were able to travel to more tournaments and colleges to be recruited. In all Jordan received 4 offers with scholarships at various Florida colleges. She was able to choose the best fit for her.

I recommend this website to anyone who wants to follow their dream and play college sports!  We couldnt have done it without!!!!

Thank you so much Captain U!!!  Jordan is living her dream right now!!!!

Mary H. – parent review


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