Making CaptainU’s Top Event Rankings

How can your team make the CaptainU Top 5 Events of the month?

Just follow these easy steps to get your athletes more engaged on CaptainU.

1. Email unregistered teams:

unregistered teams

a. Click on unregistered teams to get a list of teams that have not created a team account and added a roster
b. You’ll have team names, and their contact info

2. Email registered teams to remind players to create profiles:


a. Click export list
b. You’ll get a list of all teams that have added rosters
c. Email coaches and tell them to remind players to make profiles/add info

3. Email registered players:

a. Click export list
b. Get a list of teams to email, you can remind them to keep reaching out to college coaches, inviting them to the tournament, promoting themselves

4. Player book:


a. Click on Boys or Girls player book to see how much info your teams and players have added so far
b. The more complete, the better experience for college coaches following your tournament
c. Teams without valid email addresses for each player are limited in what information they can have in the player book (players can’t link their profiles to the team and add more info)

Each month, the CaptainU Top 5 tournaments by sport is determined by an algorithm that takes into account registered players, players’ profile quality and messages sent.

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