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Review – Soccer

“It is really difficult to get in the pipeline of college coaches. There are thousands of girls playing soccer at the elite level, and they are good! So, how do you make yourself stand out? How do you catch the interest of the college coach of your dream school?
Aside from the letter writing, inviting your coaches to tournaments to watch games, I think a 3-5 minute highlight video is a really important tool! Sending a video also enables your coaches to watch whenever they have the time. They aren’t bound by schedules of a tournament.

HOWEVER, it has to be a great highlight video. Not just something your mom or dad try to record on their i-phone. That is where Captain U came in. They not only recorded game days for me but they also edited together an eye catching snap shot of my ability on the field. I know that coaches were watching because I could also see a record of hits which my video had received.

I have worked hard for a long time on my soccer skills. I have given up lots of parties and vacations and even family events to go to games and tournaments. I wanted to make sure that all my hard work had not gone to waste by being overlooked in the
recruiting process! Its good to know what you want. But more importantly, its good to know how to get it! Captain U helped me get to a place where I was getting real interest from many college coaches. I highly recommend it for any player who wants to separate
themselves from the pack! It’s a great investment in YOUR future! Thank you Captain U for everything!”

Libby C. – athlete review

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