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Review – Soccer

“My daughter and I used CaptainU during her Junior and Senior years of high school to help streamline the recruiting process, and we would highly recommend it to any soccer player interested in playing at the college level. CaptainU takes the daunting process of selecting and reaching out to college soccer coaches and makes it simple and organized. It was simple to identify schools that met my daughter’s criteria, identify the women’s soccer coach, send them an introduction and a link to her CaptainU profile that included her statistics, accolades, and highlight videos. CaptainU does things that would normally be nearly impossible, for instance, it keeps track of the tournaments your club team is going to and alerts you when a coach from a school you are interested in plans to attend.Alexandra soccer review

Coaches are busy and have very little time to attend tournaments – players need to be proactive and contact coaches directly if they want to get on their ‘radar’. Players also need to continue to keep in touch with coaches to show that they are truly interested in attending their school and playing for them. CaptainU makes this kind of proactive and continuous communication with coaches easy and well organized. My daughter found just the right soccer program for her, with a coach that values her as player – this would have been a much more time consuming and frustrating experience without CaptainU guiding the way.”

Jeffrey E. – parent review

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