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The importance of being able to coach yourself

By Pia Nilsson, co-founder of VISION54.

As coaches of many tour players in golf we often get asked about our stable of players. We always say, “We don’t have a stable, in fact we don’t believe in a stable. At VISION54 we have a harbor”.

A stable for us would mean we own them, they are locked in, we decide when and what to train and we are in charge of them.
A better metaphor for us is a harbor. The players are like ships and the VISION54 Harbor is a place you come to for maintenance, fine tuning or building of new foundational skills. Some only need short visits and others stay for a while before feeling ready for the challenges out on the sea. The goal is for all the players/ships to be able to go out on the open seas and manage themselves in all the changing conditions. It might take some time before they are trained enough to manage themselves. During that time they are always welcome back to the VISION54 Harbor for more training or maintenance or for some just a break to be in some calm and positive environment to fill the energy reservoir.

There has been a lot of research done on the value of self regulating in sustainable peak performance. For a golfer or any athlete to be able to do that, we as coaches need to create an environment where they get trained to be aware, own their skills and then be able to manage and coach them selves as much as possible.

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