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Review – Soccer

“As the father of a college bound student-athlete I found CaptainU to be an excellent tool for my son in his quest to play college soccer. CaptainU is a very user friendly website which helped my son search, organize and send information to different college coaches in a very efficient and effective manner. The constant feedback and recommendations given my son from CaptainU was a tremendous tool in helping him find the right college program not only athletically but academically. I also find it impressive that
CaptainU is constantly improving it’s site and adding helpful features for the student-athlete.

I highly recommend CaptainU to any high school athlete who is looking to play at the next level. I have two younger sons and will be using CaptainU for their quest to play college soccer.

He is a freshman at [ a university in Georgia]. He wanted to attend a small school in a large city and play soccer if the opportunity became available. With the help of your site he found the perfect match.”

Herb H. – parent review

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