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Review – Wrestling

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I’ve wrestled since I was 4 years old and I’ve always dreamed of pursuing it in college.

CaptainU helped me to do this by giving me exposure to colleges and universities throughout the US. I was able to create a profile with pictures, videos, bio and endorsements that enabled coaches all over the country to see me as more than “stats” on a web page. Each coach was given information about me both academically and athletically.

CaptainU provided me the opportunity to contact coaches directly through the CaptainU website and gave me all the tools needed to do so, including coaches contact information, websites, etc.

CaptainU helped me to create a network throughout the US where colleges and universities all over were reaching out to me and asking me to become part of their wrestling community. I was given opportunities that were not possible without CaptainU.

Thank you CaptainU for helping me to make my dreams come true by continuing to wrestle throughout college.


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