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Get through your work. Faster.

When we listed the priorities for the new CaptainU College, speed was right up there at the top. The college coaches who helped us design the new version of College were tired of wasting time with slow recruiting software.

We’ve approached the need for speed from two angles: (1) pages should load fast; and (2) the system should be designed to help you get through your work faster. The two are intertwined: even if your pages load crazy fast, it’s not much use if you have to click 279348729384 times to complete a task. Recruiting software should make you more productive, not less so.

To that end, we’re excited to introduce a new tool within CaptainU College: Triage.


The idea: lots of new athletes fill out your questionnaire and send you profiles. On CaptainU College, these athletes get added to Prospects. Triage then makes it easy to quickly determine whether you want to move forward with a given athlete. If you do, add them to a group. If you don’t, press “not interested.” As you complete your assessment, you’re automatically moved to the next prospect.

Have a stack of 25 new profiles to sift through? No problem, you can do that in a couple minutes using Triage. And as with the rest of CaptainU College, Triage works great on mobile, so you can power through a stack of new profiles while you’re on the team bus.


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