CaptainU Takes Your Event to the Next Level

CaptainU Event Partnerships

CaptainU was founded in 2008, and now over 1,000 of the top recruiting events partner with us every year. CaptainU improves the recruiting experience by creating an online and mobile network for players and college coaches to connect and have a great recruiting experience around your event.

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Here is what we provide your event:

  1. 1) Roster management tools
  2. 2) Team profiles
  3. 3) Athlete profiles
  4. 4) Event marketing to college coaches
  5. 1) Roster Management – Roster gathering, tracking and formatting tools that digitize rosters for college coaches. Track both athlete outreach to college coaches and attending college coaches.


    2) Team profiles – Teams can easily add and manage their rosters. You can track those that are added or missing with the event management tool.


    3) Athlete profiles – Athletes receive a free upgraded CaptainU player profile so they can message college coaches, receive guidance and organize their recruiting process.


    4) Event marketing to college coaches – Attract more college coaches and provide them with tools to give your players and event more exposure. College coaches can search for your event on CaptainU’s network and access player profiles. They can also access everything on their mobile device while at the event.


    To learn more, email, call Brett at 415-658-9226 or schedule time to speak with him.