How do I search for recruits in the CaptainU network?

We have a network of over half a million athletes who can’t wait to connect with college coaches.  Our search features will help you find the best matches for your program.

To get started, login to your account, then focus on the bottom section of the left-hand pane.


Click each section you’d like to use to search and indicate how you’d like to filter the CaptainU athletes.


In the second results pane, you’ll see how many athletes match your search within CaptainU. When you’re satisfied with your search, click the “View All Athletes on CaptainU” button at the top of the second pane. If you’d like to clear the filters and start over, click “Clear filters.”

On the results pane, you can then click through the athletes returned in the search. For each athlete, you can save them to your local contacts by adding tags, ratings, or sending them a message.


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