How can I use customizable tags to organize my contacts?

Using our customized tagging system makes sorting your contacts flexible and easy. You can add tags to individual athletes on your local contacts, or to a group you’ve found using the global search.

All tags will be created on the third “actions” pane. To get started, let’s run a search. In the first “search” pane, add in the parameters of the athletes you’d like to tag. Next, in the “results” pane, click on the individual athlete or “view all” for the athlete or group you’d like to tag. In the third “actions” pane, you can then click the “+” button to use an existing tag, or you may create a new tag.



To pull up the group you’ve created, clear your results on the “results” pane and scroll to the middle section of the first “search” pane— click “groups” then click the name of the tag you created. In this case, I’ve clicked “Position: G” to pull up the goalkeepers I added to my tag.”
Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.31.32 PM

You can then click through the list of athletes saved, or click “All matching athletes” to take action on the whole group.

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