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The college recruiting process can be daunting, but it shouldn’t be a mystery! Here you’ll find everything you need to know to get started on your college recruiting journey.

When to Start

For most players, the best time to start CaptainU recruiting is sophomore or junior year.

Marketing Yourself

A dynamic, multidimensional marketing approach will make you a strong candidate.

Organizing Your Process

Being well-organized simplifies the college recruiting process and makes you more effective.

Building Your College List

To be successful during the recruiting process, you must carefully hand-select colleges that are right for you.

Academic Eligibility

The NCAA bases academic eligibility on your high school coursework, grades and standardized test scores.

Talking to Coaches

Communicate with a coach at least once a month to strengthen your cause and develop your relationship. 

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Campus Visits

A campus visit is an essential component of determining which college is right for you.

Making Videos

A highlight video is a great way to distinguish yoursefl and convince a coach to come see you play. 


Unless you’re one of the top athletes in the country, don’t expect a team to give you a full athletic scholarship.

For more information and education about the recruiting process, tips and more, check out the CaptainU Blog.