Navigating Scholarships


CaptianU Live Season 2 Episode 14: In this episode, we talk about how to navigate your scholarships. We cover knowing your sport, communication, negotiating with college coaches, and evaluating your scholarships. 

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Will Stipend Money Reduce Recruiting Opportunities?


In July of 2021, the NCAA finally allowed student-athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). The floodgates opened immediately and athletes from every sport were signing NIL deals big and small. However, since bigger names and [Read More]

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Let’s Talk Finances


CaptianU Live Season 2 Episode 7: In this session, we talk about everything finances. Everything from scholarships to talking to coaches.

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Athletic Scholarships FAQs


What you should know before you start your recruiting process

Trying to earn an athletic scholarship to compete in college can be confusing and frustrating, and it’s understandable if you have questions. Fortunately, we have answers to the questions we hear the [Read More]

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College Athletes Guide To Nutrition On A Budget


For college-bound athletes on a budget while away from home for the first time this fall, consuming healthy foods and beverages can be challenging. This article provides tips for stocking dorm rooms with inexpensive, nutritious, and long-lasting items to support wellness, [Read More]

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5 Basketball Recruiting Tips That Can Help You Earn A Scholarship


Hint: It takes more than stats and a recruiting profile

Basketball offers more opportunities to compete in college than any other sport. But, for most high school student-athletes, that doesn’t mean actually getting a scholarship will be easy. In fact, only roughly [Read More]

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Men’s Tennis Scholarships By The Numbers


Know the score before you begin your recruiting.

Regardless of where you are in your tennis recruiting process, you should be doing your homework. That includes making an honest assessment of your tennis skills, comparing yourself to the high school bios of [Read More]

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A Deep Dive On Women’s College Swimming Scholarships


What you need to know before you dive into the recruiting process.

When it comes to high-profile college recruiting, women’s swimming doesn’t quite have the media presence of football or basketball. That said, while the end goal is still to earn a [Read More]

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