Finding Your Way As A College Freshman


Getting to college is hard work, but staying there takes some effort too

While CaptainU is primarily dedicated to helping you land an opportunity to compete at the next level in your sport, one big question is often overlooked. That is, what [Read More]

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How-To Close Out Your College Recruiting Year


College prospective student-athletes now face unique challenges to maximize the college recruiting process. Considering the Coronavirus pandemic, college recruits face seemingly insurmountable challenges ahead. This article offers guidance with closing out the college recruiting year on a high note.

True champions are [Read More]

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The College Application Process


CaptianU Live Season 2 Episode 13: In this episode, we cover the college application process from how to prepare to FAQ’s.

Did you enjoy this video? Check out our Youtube Channel for more weekly recruiting tips and tricks! [Read More]

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Narrowing Down Your Prospect List


CaptianU Live Season 2 Episode 12: In today’s session, we cover how to narrow down your college prospect list. We answer where should you be focusing, what schools feel like the best fit, and where you should be putting [Read More]

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How Do You Find The Right Fit?


At CaptainU, we’re all about helping recruits find the next-level college opportunity that offers the right “fit.” But finding the college and athletic program that fits you best isn’t as simple as trying on a pair of shoes. To [Read More]

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Is The Transfer Portal Reining In Recruiting?


When the NCAA instituted its so-called One-Time Transfer Rule in April of 2021, it was heralded as a harbinger of new freedom for college athletes. And thus far, it has more than lived up to that claim. However, as [Read More]

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NLI or NIL; What’s More Important?


The wrong choice could leave your recruiting DOA

You read that headline right. Signing a National Letter of Intent (NLI) has traditionally been the high point of a high school athlete’s recruiting process. However, in July of 2021, the NCAA enacted legislation [Read More]

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