Are You Making a Major Recruiting Decision?


One of the considerations that’s always recommended when compiling a target list for recruiting is knowing what you want to major in. For instance, if you ultimately want to be an engineer, trying to get recruited at a liberal [Read More]

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How Important Is Academics In Your Recruiting Decision?


In all the hype and hubbub that goes along with recruiting, it’s always good to remember that the word “college” should always precede your sport; college football, college basketball, college softball, college swimming. That’s because, though you may be [Read More]

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The College Application Process


CaptianU Live Season 2 Episode 13: In this episode, we cover the college application process from how to prepare to FAQ’s.

Did you enjoy this video? Check out our Youtube Channel for more weekly recruiting tips and tricks! [Read More]

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Resume Tips for Student-Athletes


Companies want to hire student-athletes. The skills that make you a great athlete also make you a great employee. But how do you incorporate all you’ve learned from sports into a resume that will get you hired? Follow these tips to [Read More]

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Athletic Scholarships FAQs


What you should know before you start your recruiting process

Trying to earn an athletic scholarship to compete in college can be confusing and frustrating, and it’s understandable if you have questions. Fortunately, we have answers to the questions we hear the [Read More]

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Coronavirus Impacts on Recruiting and ACT/SAT Testing


The Coronavirus impacts on recruiting and ACT/SAT testing for athletes have been troublesome. The pandemic still manages to startle students, athletes, and management committees, as standardized testing and sporting events close and re-open. It leaves many wondering what the [Read More]

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The Five Factors That Can Curb College Dropouts


Oftentimes, high school athletes are totally focused on the coach and college program at the schools they’re interested in during the recruiting process. It’s important to remember there are other factors that can influence whether a student manages to [Read More]

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