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CaptainU’s Winter 2014 College Coaches of the Year

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Mar. 25, 2014 – CaptainU today announced its Winter 2014 CaptainU College Coaches of the Year. Top coaches in each sport and division were chosen for their teams’ inspiring and successful performances on and off the field.

“There were tons of great accomplishments this year so we’re very excited to announce our Winter 2014 CaptainU College Coaches of the Year. These coaches have set a huge standard for performance, teaching and motivating young athletes, and translating those lessons into results. It’s an honor to recognize them for their contributions to college athletics,” said Avi Stopper, CaptainU’s CEO.

Men’s Basketball

• Fred Hoiberg -­ Iowa State University (Division I)
• Steve Hesser -­ Drury University (Division II)
• David Hixon ­- Amherst College (Division III)

Women’s Basketball

• Holly Warlick -­ University of Tennessee (Division I)
• Corey Fox ­- Limestone College (Division II)
• Keri Carollo ­- University of Wisconsin ­ Whitewater (Division III)

Men’s Swimming

• David Durden -­ University of California (Division I)

Women’s Swimming

• Jack Bauerle -­ University of Georgia (Division I)

Men & Women’s Diving

• Adam Soldati ­- Purdue University (Division I)

Indoor Track & Field

• Robert Johnson – ­University of Oregon (Division I)
• George Williams – ­Saint Augustine’s University (Division II)
• Josh Buchholtz – ­University of Wisconsin -­ La Crosse (Men’s, Division III)
• Ben Dorsey – ­University of Wisconsin -­ Oshkosh (Women’s, Division III)


• Cael Sanderson -­ Pennsylvania State University (Division I)
• Chad Smith ­- Lindenwood University (Division II)
• Eric Keller -­ Wartburg College (Division III)

Men’s Gymnastics

• Mark Williams -­ University of Oklahoma (NC)

Women’s Gymnastics

• Greg & Megan Marsden (co­head coaches) -­ University of Utah (NC)


• Dave Stewart -­ University of Denver (NC)

Men’s Ice Hockey

• Don Lucia ­- University of Minnesota (Division I)
• Tim Coughlin ­- St. Norbert College (Division III)

Women’s Ice Hockey

• Kevin Houle ­- Plattsburgh State University (Division III)
• Brad Frost -­ University of Minnesota (NC)


• Dale Lehman -­ Robert Morris University (NC)
• Dave Stewart -­ University of Denver (NC)


• Laurie Schiller ­- Northwestern University (NC)


• Jon Hammond ­ West Virginia University (NC)

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