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Review – Softball

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I’ve been using CaptainU for about 1 ½ years. It’s been a very important tool in my recruiting process. The website is easy to use and very informative.

One of the features on CaptainU that’s really nice is when you search for a college your able to go directly to that college’s website via a link and learn more about it. I also like that CaptainU has taken the time to add all the information of each college’s school e.g., what division they are, the size of the school, the schools location, and so on. They provide the links to the team site and school. There is also a “to do list”, and that’s been helpful for me because I am so busy with school, practices and games. It helps me to stay on top of where I left off.

You may ask yourself if college coaches really do respond via CaptainU, and I can say from my experience YES, without a doubt! When I have correspondence with any coach it’s always through CaptainU. Overall, in my opinion CaptainU is top notch!

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