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Alexandria – athlete review

“Captain U gave me the opportunity to reach college that I normally would not have taked or look at. It opened a whole new world for me and provided an opportunity to take my game to the next level, receive an education and let me continue to do what I love, play softball:)!!! Thank you!!!!”

Kara O. – athlete review
Kara O'Riley

“CaptainU organized and simplified the college recruiting process. It allowed me to easily and effectively showcase my skills and accomplishments. CaptainU made it easy to bypass the difficult task of trying to connect with each individual coach. The biggest benefit to me was the ability to provide reference, statistic and video updates to several softball coaches at one time. CaptainU provides direct email to my list of coaches, and sends activity alerts when coaches access my profile.

After evaluating many schools to determine academic fit, CaptainU then helped me identify the best fit as a collegiate athlete.

I highly recommend high school athletes use CollegeU to get the most out of their recruiting efforts!”

Alyssa D. – athlete review

“I liked the fact that CaptainU really highlighted my strengths and abilities on my profile page because it was organized so well. It allowed me to personalize my entire page into how I wanted coaches to perceive me. Some sites have a cookie-cut outline you need to follow, but CaptainU really lets you add whatever information you’d like via extra links, attachments, pictures or documents.

I also really love the “Athlete Endorsements” section. I’ve had the honor of playing for some amazing coaches and playing with great teammates that fortunately took the time to write about my abilities. I think it’s great that there’s a section for real people to comment on your skills because it can give college coaches an idea of how your peers and coaches thought of you. In addition, CaptainU is super user-friendly and free! There’s an option to upgrade your account for maximum exposure, but it’s definitely not required to spend a ton of money like other sites. I upgraded my account, and I absolutely loved everything about it.

I am currently attending [a university in Illinois] to study Biology/Chemistry, and I’m playing softball. I am really enjoying myself and having a great time! I am thankful to have had CaptainU to help expose my skills to the coaches here.

Overall, I had a great experience using CaptainU. It’s very easy to look up schools and email the coaches because CaptainU provides all that information for you. It was also amazing to see my profile site progress into a very well-put together site that I was proud of. I highly recommend CaptainU to my friends and anyone that is looking to pursue collegiate athletics.

Thanks Avi. “

Check out one of Alyssa’s softball videos – Alyssa – CaptainU Softball Video

Dave S. – parent review

Kaitlyn Softball

“Our family was new to the entire Collegiate recruitment scene. Our daughter was a high performing student in academics and athletics. She was a participant on two Top Level “Gold Type” travel programs for softball and volleyball.

Little did we fully understand that although there are hundreds of college athletic programs across Division I, II, and III; these programs cannot possibly actively go out and search for talent everywhere.

Captain U was suggested to us by our travel softball program president: Mr. Ed Serdar. We signed up and started to build a profile for our daughter. We had a great time uploading data, photos and video. The bonus with Captain U is the ability to locate coaches and send emails direct to them. If a coach “reads” your message or “views” your profile, Captain U notified you via email. We found it was exciting and rewarding to locate, track and contact coaches via Captain U.

Today because of our effort through Captain U and of course out daughters hard work in academics; she is now attending [a university in South Carolina] and is a member if their Softball Team.

Thanks a ton to Captain U! The small investment is far more worth the investment than NOT using this recruiting portal!

Good luck and happy college hunting.”

Vince H. – parent review Lexi Hamiel

“I was initially lost when it came to recruiting for my daughter, Lexi, in her search for a college to continue her softball career, and had pretty much no clue as to where to start and what to do. I talked to some friends and one of them mentioned another recruiting agency, which I tried for awhile with not much success. Another friend told me about Captain U, so I looked into it and wow, what a difference.

We immediately began getting coaches views, viewing her profile, video’s etc. I loved how easy it was to set up her profile and upload video, pics etc. I think the main thing that I found to be of a big help was how every step was laid out and you could follow your progress daily. I liked being able to identify colleges we were interested in and then follow all the steps to get the maximum benefit. The steps were well laid out and the templates helped as well. Within a month we were getting emails and coaches asking for schedules so they could come see her play.Again, the “what next” list was very beneficial to keep track of whom we had contacted and which coaches had responded. Then good information on what to do next.

We eventually got it narrowed down to 3 schools and now have received scholarship offers from all 3 and only thing left to do is make our decision. Thanks to Captain U this process became WAY easier than when we started, so thanks to you and I will definitely recommend to anyone I know going thru same process. In addition, the free profile is nice, but WELL worth it to upgrade to Varsity or higher so you can see whats going on and so much more.

Thanks much.”

Check out one of Lexi’s softball videos – Lexi – CaptainU Softball Video

Toby P. – parent review

“CaptainU was very instrumental in the recruiting process of my daughters. The process is very user friendly for me and for my daughters to look at schools by division, school background and geography. Once the process was started the ability to Arianna Softball Reviewcommunicate with coaches was very instrumental for the girls. The letter tutorials gave my girls a great outline and Idea of what to write. As a parent I liked the checklist to remind me of things to do to get the girls recruited. It was very easy for me to make changes to schedules and results.

Thank you CaptianU for helping us with the recruiting process!”

Martha & Mario C. – parent review

Jasmine Softball ReviewWe had a very positive experience with Captain U. It allowed us to upload our daughter’s pictures and videos so we can easily send her profile to college coaches. We also like knowing what college coaches were looking at her profile so we can continue to communicate with them. I like the notifications we receive when her profile was opened or that one of the her emails was read.
We will be using captain u with our youngest once she is ready to start her recruiting process.

It is a very handy tool and extremely helpful in reaching out to the college coaches. Just having the emails and coaches name is huge. Thank you She is at [a university in Illinois]. She loved the school from her first visit and meeting with Coach Lucas sealed her decision. Is extremely happy living on campus.”

Don S. – parent review

“I think CaptainU is a major factor in getting recruited. It makes contacting and communicating with college coaches very easy. All coaches appeared to use CaptainU. It was nice knowing which colleges were looking at my daughter’s profile and when. I recommend it to every family that has a player wanting to get recruited. Her recruiting process started with 14 schools interested in her. Then she narrowed it down to 3 (Saginaw Valley – D2, Western Michigan – D1, Michigan State – D1). She chose [a university in Michigan] because she felt more comfortable on that campus. She preferred a small school feel.”

Maggie Softball ReviewMaggie D. – athlete review

The site is great. With college coaches coming and going, you always have the updated contact information on the site. That, along with the information you have available for each specific college is very helpful in determining if a college is right for me. The site has been extremely helpful in helping me understand the process.”

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