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Review – Tennis

Daniel's Tennis Review“Join a recruiting service such as CaptainU. To be able to have one on one consultations and receive help on maneuvering through the entire recruiting process with knowledgeable people takes a lot of pressure off what could be considered a very stressful situation. Every student athlete is different and there is not a one size fits all approach to getting a really good offer. With CaptainU you don’t have to spend thousands to get really great advice – and we are most grateful for that. Getting a full time free ride is great, but as we found out not easy to find if the student athlete did not want to leave the area. This doesn’t mean however you won’t get really great offers which significantly defrays the overall cost of attending a Private University. The result for Dan was making the cost to attend a private university a little less than what it would cost to send him to a public university – to us, that is a beautiful thing. Be realistic. Thanks again.”

John R. – parent review

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