CaptainU Recruiting Sessions

Session Description
Building Your Profile – The basics Give coaches the best snapshot of who you are. We’ll take a look at where you are and help optimize your profile for maximum exposure.
Building Your Profile – The full picture We’ll take a look at the schools you’re interested in and help tailor your profile to what they’re looking for in student athletes.
Building Your Profile – Video Your highlight video is one of the most important tools you have to showcase your talent to colleges. We’ll talk about what you’d like to show coaches and how to best convey your strengths through a video.
College List Basics An organized list of schools you’re interested in is the best way to stay on task & work effectively through recruiting. We’ll talk about what you’re looking for in a college and share techniques for building a list & moving through recruiting to find the perfect college fit.
Grouping & Ranking Your Colleges List As you communicate with colleges, it’s important to prioritize your prospects & focus your efforts where they can make the biggest difference. We’ll help you stay organized and on task.
What to Do With Colleges That Show Interest You’ve gotten search hits, profile views, camp invites, and letters from coaches. How should you react? How do you follow up? We’ll help guide you on what college interest means and how to react.
Getting the Ball Rolling – How to Initiate Coach Contact The best way to get exposure is to proactively reach out to coaches at the schools you’re interested in. We’ll share techniques for writing messages that get responses.
Get Seen & Keep Talking Getting a conversation with a coach going is only the beginning. Learn how to properly engage coaches in your progress & get coach eyes on you at events & camps.
Camps & Campus Visits We’ll help you decide what schools to visit, walk you through how to prepare, and coach you on how to get the most out of your time at a camp or on a campus visit.
Weighing Your Options It can be difficult to read coaches, gauge your options, and decide where to commit. We’ll help you navigate complex choices to make sure you commit to the school that’s the best fit for you..
Prepping for college You’ve made your college decision- now what? We’ll help set you up for success in the transition from high school to college.
New Sessions! Description
Walking On Learn the ins & outs of the walk on process including how to communicate with coaches leading up to tryouts & how walking on can lead to scholarships down the line.
Making a team for the fall ’17 year. You’re a senior and looking to make a team for the school year starting in fall 2017. This session is to help guide you on how to make it happen.
2017 Athletes not ready for Fall ’17 Are you not ready to make a team for fall ’17 but still want to explore your options? This session is for you.