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CaptainU Recruiting: Schedule of appearances

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As soon as you know your schedule, send each coach an email with a list of your games, tournaments, meets, and showcases. If you begin CaptainU Recruiting late in your junior year or during your senior year, send your schedule along with your cover letter and resume. You need to get things moving quickly.


College recruiting budgets are generally stretched thin, so you can’t expect a coach to go to extremes to see you in action. Coaches try to make the recruiting buck go as far as possible. Translation: the odds of a coach journeying cross-country to watch an isolated game are slim. Coaches who attend individual club and high school games probably represent local colleges—which may be fine with you if you’re interested in them.

For colleges beyond your immediate vicinity, you’re far more likely to gain exposure at a college showcase event—preferred by coaches because they can evaluate numerous prospects at once. In fact if you give a coach advance notice about a particular event, you might spark his interest in attending.

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Share Your Schedule

Gather all the information you have regarding your team’s schedule and then create a document that you can send to coaches. Don’t fret if you don’t yet know the exact game schedule at a particular tournament. For now, just let coaches know that you’re going to be at the tournament. You can pass on further details when they’re available. It actually gives you a good excuse to contact the coaches again.

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