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CaptainU Recruiting: References

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Enlist your high school and club coaches—the same people you provided as references on your resume—to write letters of recommendation for you. A positive evaluation from a credible high school or club coach will bolster your standing with college coaches.


The coaches most qualified to provide credible evaluations of your ability are those who have known you for a while. Additionally, try to get your recommendations from experienced coaches. An experienced coach can say things in your recommendation like, “In my 15 years of coaching high school girls, I haven’t seen anyone who passes better than Sheila.”

A parent or teacher who stands in as the coach of a team often can’t provide the insight that college coaches seek in a reference. If you have no alternative, it’s not the end of the world. Any coach can at least provide general observations on your role within the team and personality traits like leadership and reliability.


Make your recommenders’ lives easy by providing them with addressed and stamped envelopes to encourage them to get their letters off in a timely manner. Ask them to send their letters directly to the college coaches. In your next e-mail update, inform the college coaches that they should be expecting your recommendations. Briefly describe who the recommenders are and how long you have played for them. Mention anything else that strengthens their credibility— i.e., whether they played professionally; are particularly well-known, etc.


Check with your recommenders after a week or so to make sure that they have written and sent the letters. If they haven’t done it yet, gently urge them to do so. Keep checking back until they’ve done their job.

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