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CaptainU Recruiting: Identifying where you want to go to college

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To be successful during the recruiting process, you have to carefully hand-select colleges that are right for you.

Tip for CaptainU Users: The CaptainU Colleges tool is constantly refreshed with the latest college info, including academics, key websites and coach contact info.Start with a basic Search and explore from there.


Accurately identifying colleges is a huge step forward. If you market yourself to schools that aren’t right for you, the outcome might not be so favorable. To turn the odds in your favor you should spend a good amount of time researching colleges.

As you evaluate candidate schools ask yourself this essential question: “Would I still want to go here if I couldn’t play sports?” If the answer is no, you should drop that college from your list.


Don’t just get sucked into following the one or two random leads that find their way to your mailbox. If you have only been contacted by the coaches at Desolate Atoll University and Middle of Nowhere College, you do not have to limit your college search to those schools.

Why should a couple of coaches who happened to notice you dictate your future? You have the right to decide which schools are best for you. Of course a school that contacts you may turn out to be the perfect fit, so you shouldn’t rule it out automatically.


Identifying the right colleges is a critical stage in CaptainU Recruiting. It’s also one in which your assistance can make a major difference. Here’s how you can help. Odds are that you know a lot about your kid, and more about specific colleges than he or she knows.

Based on the conversations you had in Chapter 5 to determine the right fit, help your child find candidate schools that fit the bill. A great way to accomplish this is to do some research on your own and present your child with a list of 30 or so schools—pared down from the 3,000 that are out there—that you think he or she should investigate.

If a coach has contacted you, review their college thoroughly—as you would with any candidate school. If upon further review, you determine that the school is incompatible with your requirements, take it off your list. Remember, you aren’t limited to the schools that contact you. If, however, you decide that you like the school, add it to your list.

Stay tuned for more of “Make the Team”, written by CaptainU CEO, Avi Stopper with #MaketheTeam

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