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Review – Lacrosse

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My name is Greg Miller I have a son in high school who plays lacrosse and has the ambition to to take it to the next level and play in college. I have given my son all the tools to compete and grow by way of travel teams and the largest showcases, traveling all over the country for the sport our family loves. This has gotten my sons game to another level and has him playing at the highest level, however the other tools needed to take him to the next level were lacking such as contacts and getting him truly seen as more than just a rec or high school player.

I then found CaptainU and initially used your free version and was happy with all CaptainU has to offer so much so that I now have upgraded to the varsity version and that has elevated my sons profile ten fold. The ease of use and all the online tips and step by step notifications, the way each month is laid out in advance and lets him know what steps to take next. We went from just letting coaches know what his you tube channel was while we were at tournaments, to letting a coach know he is on CaptainU and the coaches immediately recognized CaptainU and all have visited my sons page.

That is the other wonderful thing about your service – my son receives a email every time a coach logs into his page and it also lets my son know what that coach did while on his page. This tool is the most valuable tool because there have been schools interested in my son that my son had not given a thought to until they showed interest and now my son has several opportunities that he would not have had with just me trying to get his name out there.

CaptainU is a one stop shop for both players and coaches. CaptainU keeps track of everything for us, puts into easy-to-follow instructions, and has given us an avenue of communication between us and coaches that we would never have been able to establish other wise. When you tell a coach look him up on CaptainU a coach automatically knows this kid is serious about his commitment to playing next level lacrosse.

I can not say enough about what CaptainU has done for my son’s recruitment and I thank all involved at CaptainU for all the hard work you do and all the hard work you don’t make me do!!

Thank you all!!


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